The spirit is the source of all creation. You are a spirit.


Do you sometimes feel inexplicable sad or angry? Or maybe a sudden panic arises when you are in a crowed bus or a street?. You find in your life that undesirable situations keep on repeating themselves and you wonder why they happen to you? You are not able to make good money or get a better job? Other people's lives are successful but yours is miserable?

Yes, sometimes it looks like a curse has been set on you and you can't get rid of it.... and certainly THERE IS SOMETHING that is affecting YOUR life UNKOWINGLY as I will explain later.

Maybe your life is going allright but you keep asking yourself questions about who we really are, does God exist?, life exists after death?, where do we come from?... YOU need answers and the various holly books offer answers but you would rather have a direct and personal experience.

Let's see what this Technique is about.

Humans have a very special way of storing experiences. We record every moment of our life, making a perfect duplication of it, like a picture . Every picture contains the colors, smells, emotions, actions, people involved, forces applied and thoughts of that moment. We store these pictures in chronological order and this huge memory bank is called THE TRACT or THE BANK.

Like in the movies, we can play this memory Bank or Track again, at will. That it is what we do in the sessions, playing back and forth this time Track.

But why should we revise the memories of the past?

Obeying the LAWS OF KARMA, what we did in the past is still affecting our present.

The pain and misemotions of past experiences are dictating our present decisions and deeds. We need to confront them, understand what happened and why and release the charge. This will be a healing experience at an emotional and espiritual level, leaving us in peace.

Clearing the past we clean our Karma and our present life, thus we can build our future freely.

This is the purpose of this Karma Clearing: to become a person with more abilities, intelligence, undestanding and control, freedom, and awareness.

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